Graphic Designer

Account Manager / ERP / Content Administrator / Graphic Designer

Project Manager / Senior Developer

Digital Marketing / SEO / Adwords

Project Manager / Senior Developer

A Senior PHP Web Developer who takes pride in good code and loves new technologies. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He feels comfortable gathering requirements from his clients, designing solutions, and manages his own work proficiently. Most of all, he is always excited to continually hone his skills during regular hack days…

Team Manager / Network Manager

Pramod is an avid technology enthusiast and an adventure sport lover. His pioneering works in the field of gaming for Internet and mobile platforms fetched him extraordinary growth and accolades at the beginning of his career. He held key positions, working as a Software Architect and Project Manager in an array of software technology organizations.

Manager / Project Manager / Team Leader

Mark has been in Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and Management all his life. His strength is understanding what a client needs and interpreting that into tasks for his team. “I like to meet our clients personally when ever practical to make sure we are in tune with what they need and to provide ideas and…