Google Adwords is the main tools we use to measure and manage the Advertising of your website.

This style of advertising is a great way to start with a modest budget until you get a feel and see results.

We create and manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns based on your budget.

Our initial setup cost varies upon industry and competition and the results you want to achieve. (separate to Advertising budget)

Our service includes:

  1. Analyzing your website content
  2. Searching and analysing your competitors websites and keywords
  3. Developing keywords tailored to your unique business.
  4. Setting up a Google Adwords Account and Campaign (we can manage it for you or it can be self managedt)
  5. Setting up your Adwords Campaign.

We also provide a service to Manage Adwords and ‘fine tune’ to get the most of your campaign over the following months. (additional to Advertising budget)

  1. Analysing conversion rate – which keywords are working
  2. Analysing changes in the competitor arena.
  3. Reviewing and updating words will create better results and target different demographics if applicable to extend Advertising Range.

Other Google achievements

We are always learning and keeping on top of the latest training qualifications and certifications that Google has to offer so we can implement your online
marketing with best practices leading to optimal results.

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